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Bleach 578 - The Undead 5

Honestly, not sure why the title of this chapter is named this.  But oh well.  This chapter was pretty brutal in terms of whats going on with Zaraki versus Gremmy.  First & foremost, the meteor got turned into fragments in one blow.  This comes as no surprise, not to mention it shows the sheer amount of power Nozarashi possesses (and Zaraki is a badass obviously).

Afterwards we get to see Gremmy finally lose his composure completely and freaks out, claiming Zaraki is a monster (Honestly, does everyone with crazy strength have to be a monster?).  Further splitting himself, Gremmy creates some space like vacuum and places Zaraki in it.  For those unaware, the vacuum of space will tear you apart unless you're wearing a special suit.  Though even this isn't enough and Zaraki simply takes the blow and tosses Nozarashi straight at Gremmy (or one of them, not sure if its the original) and slices him right in half.

You'd think at this point Gremmy would utilize his Vollständig and unleash something more reishi based but instead, he begins to imagine himself with immense power and believes Zaraki to be an insane monster.  Sadly, if one does not control their imagination, it can become a double edged sword and the result is seen at the end of this chapter where Gremmy's body starts ripping apart.  I think for just a moment, Gremmy imagined Zaraki simply slicing him apart and because of Gremmy's power, it became reality, ending the battle.  On this note though, I'm not quite sure hes dead quite yet.  Most Sternritter have at least released their Vollständig prior to their demise or use its power to simply survive the encounter.

I'm on the side of it being a 50/50 chance of Gremmy living as if hes still alive, he can imagine himself not dying and simply bring himself back into the game, but if hes dead, hes dead.

Normally I'd keep these reviews short and just point out a few things that are neat or my speculations but I want to touch on Gremmy's power in particular.  Its explained earlier that each Sternritter has had a portion of Yhwach's power ingraved into their soul, meaning that power originated from him.  Does this mean when Ichigo has the final showdown with Yhwach, he'll have that power at his disposal?  If so, its going to be insane because so far being able to simply imagine something and bring it to life is an absurdly powerful ability.  The only limitation is the wielder - one slip up and you die.

I guess we'll see when that particular battle rolls around.
((Spoiler Warning))  As usual, these reviews will contain spoilers of sorts and my speculations on whats going on.  If you don't like spoilers, don't read these damn things. 
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KeeferTEarl Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014
I had the same idea regarding Yhwach and his "fragments", but the abilities just seem too close to their personalities for that. Now I think that Yhwach just adds to the chunk of his soul already in that Quincy, writes a letter, then the subject's soul takes it from there.
Example: As Nodt's "F" is "Fear". But it might not be so if someone else was given that "F".
Suimetsu Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That could be the case.  Even if that particular form of power isn't added to Yhwach, the essence still does and amplifies his power as its already stated for each person that falls in battle, the portions return to him.  Makes you wonder just how powerful he will be in the final battle, considering how he curb stomped Yamamoto so early on (I know he scooped up his bankai, but still)
hesnotdead Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think the reason why the chapter is called 'The Undead 5' is because its calling back to the other 'UNDEAD' chapters. In the past, whenever a chapter is called the 'UNDEAD' it has involved Zaraki and his durability.

The first two chapters with this title was back with the original battle with Ichigo (the first when Ichigo found he couldn't cut Zaraki and the second when he finally did, but Zaraki didn't go down) and the third and fourth were with Zaraki's battle with Nnoritra. Like those chapters, in this one Zaraki stands up against something that...really should have killed anyone else.
Suimetsu Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for reminding me  - I had forgotten about his battle with Nnoritra and him getting slashed to all hell near the end until he had to use both his hands to end it.  As far as Ichigo's battle, I honestly don't think Zaraki should have fell over from that, despite the damage it did to him.
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